Today, more than 4.000 organizations -from multinational to small and medium scale business, non-profit to government and UN- are partnering with AIESEC to access to the best talent

AIESEC’s unique network offers a lot of unique opportunities for organizations to co-operate with AIESEC and obtain value.

Access to the best talent

Depending on the requirements of a company, AIESEC provides access to international Talent that can be students, recent graduates and young professionals with work experience.

Global Professional Exchange Program: Global Internship program in partnership with AIESEC is the most effective and direct way to access young AIESEC talent.
AIESEC Graduates Program: AIESEC Graduates Program is a complete solution for sourcing high-profile international talent for permanent placements and building desirable employer brand.
Positioning in our AIESEC Alumni Network: After 60 years of activating youth leadership AIESEC connects thousands of its past members around the world. AIESEC Alumni is a broad and diverse group with professionals at different levels of organizations in diverse sectors worldwide.

Employer Branding Opportunities:The AIESEC network has proven to enable organizations to develop a strong brand of employer of choice across over 107 countries within a very short period of time

Interact with AIESEC! :  With over 1,400 active communities, 250,000 documents, and 10,000 forum postings per month, MyAIESEC our global online collaboration and communication platform. AIESEC also delivers over 470 conferences at local, national, regional and global lever annually.