The AIESEC Experience

Our differentiator is that we offer a youth impactful experience to our members.
All members go through a formal introduction to the organization to connect them with our AIESEC way. Then, they begin to take on responsibility virtual or physical in some area among the thousands we offer. They then have the option to take on leadership role, internship, or both. The final step is to head to the future – to take the skills, inspiration, and networks from AIESEC to have a positive impact in society.
Youth driven: We are run by youth for youth
Impactful: We enable a strong experience to our stakeholders that change them and/or societies
Experience: Our experience is comprised of a global learning environment, leadership opportunities and international internships

Taking and active role AIESEC has an incredible platform; however, it is ultimately up to the individual to take full advantage of these opportunities.
Increasing capacity AIESEC provides young people with the opportunity to increase theoretical knowledge and practical experience in a wide-range of functional and soft skills.
Building network AIESEC provides young people with the opportunity to create a strong and global network to support them in their personal and professional pursuits.
Developing self awareness and personal vision AIESEC supports young people in clarifying and expanding their ambitions through mentorship, personal vision exercises and an inspiring environment.
Challenging worldview AIESEC “shakes up” the way young people see the world through intense experiences such as conferences, working abroad, and engaging in diverse environments