From 1-st March till 1-st May the International Youth organization AIESEC in Armenia together with Working group for implementation of public awareness raising campaign on pension reforms organize the competition in following directions and topics:
1.   Article

Topics «How I see myself as pensioner»«Pension reform as an instrument of social equity»

«Retirement – the path to poverty?»

Volume 1-3 pages
Article structure – author’s position
Winning positions 3


2.   Policy paper

Topics «Positive and negative aspects of pension reform»
Volume 5-7 pages
Article structure – author’s position- the main thesis

– arguments in support of the thesis

Winning positions 3


3.   Research paper

Topics «The essence of the accumulative pension system»«Pension systems in developed countries»

«The introduction of a funded pension system in Armenia»

Volume 10-12 pages
Requirements – social survey- statistical information
Article structure – author’s position- the main thesis

– arguments in support of the thesis

Winning positions 3

The papers are accepted in Armenian and Russian languages (Armenian text – Sylfaen 12, Russian text – Times New Roman 12).

The evaluation of the papers will be based on the disclosure of the topic, the novelty and originality of the approach of the author. The competition winners are waiting for interesting prizes.

The results of the competition and the date of the award ceremony will be posted in May 28 at the official site of AIESEC in Armenia (

On the first page, specify:

Name, surname
Date of birth
Current adress
Phone number
Paper topic


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