How to Join

Every year AIESEC in Armenia runs 2 big membership recruitments. These are spring recruitment implemented within the timeframes of April –March and autumn recruitment within October-November.

Besides the official recruitment periods there are small recruitment periods held as well which is called pocket recruitment. So if you missed the deadline to apply for membership during the recruitment period, you can still fill in the application form and send it over via the below mentioned e-mail address. Your application will be considered when there is a vacancy for the certain position.

The recruitment process is as follows

AIESEC Armenia runs AIESEC information session in the universities and other educational establishments to raise awareness about AIESEC and its activities among the students. These sessions are comprised of general informative part and small workshops delivered by any of AIESEC partner companies or by AIESEC itself.

The application forms are being screened and people who pass the first screening participate in the competency discovery game. And afterwards selected participant is invited to the interview and finally becomes a member of AIESEC in Armenia.

If you are interested to become part of the AIESEC 40.000 membership globally and particularly part of AIESEC Armenia membership then fill in the application and join us. Download the application form HERE  and send it via .

After you are selected for AIESEC Armenia membership you pass an intensive induction period where are get in touch with the teams and functional area operating in AIESEC. Afterwards according to your preferences, competencies and skills you are being allocated in certain teams.
You take a month probation period in the team and if you are interested to keep on working there then within the upcoming 6 month after passing 2 evaluation forms you are obtaining full membership status.

Good Luck and Welcome on Board.