Welcome message from the Grandpa of AIESEC Armenia



Dear friends, fellow AIESECers of the past and the present; It is hard to believe that twenty years have passed from the day we open our hearts and let the AIESEC spirit flow and enlighten us for the rest of our life.


That was a difficult time for Armenian nation and for the group of young, energetic students; AIESEC brought a hope of survival and optimism for a bright future. Throughout those years AIESEC seeds have given quality harvest to Armenia and the rest of the world: government officials, successful businessmen, international civil servants.
I am very excited that AIESEC in Armenia is getting stronger, more organized and professional. It is still in good hands and we can trust new generation to continue the mission that we started twenty years ago.

As a humble peacekeeper of twelve year with the United Nations, who devoted eight years of his life to the establishment of AIESEC roots in Armenia, I have to confess that AIESEC spirit helped me to withstand the desert, the challenges and difficulties and I am ready to shout:





L O N G   L I V E   A I E S E C

where the best people of the world hang out

Armen Vahradyan

Deputy Chief, Africa I Section, Field Personnel Division, Department of Field Support, United Nations