National Conference 2009

NatCo is AIESEC in Armenia’s annual national conference with around 60 delegates attending it. The conference is the first one run by the new Member Committee 09/10 team delivering great variety of trainings, initiative launches as well as external engagement components. The conference is open for all members with a broad representation of LCPs, EBs, OCPs and members of AIESEC.

The conference will consist of two tracks, thus delegates, who are newly recruited to AIESEC, are welcome to participate in members’ track while the elect EB with the current one will be working on national planning.

This year the conference carries VIP slogan which is Visit, Improve and Plan. The slogan itself already implies to the fact that the main output of the conference is expected to be the creation of national focus areas as well as the year plan for 09/10 member committee executive board to implement.

For more information on the conference, please check NatCo 2009, AIESEC in Armenia conference wiki displayed

Conference Objectives:

Educate members on the organization performance and draw the picture of it
Assess each functional area and build on opportunities to achieve growth
Empower members and future Executive Board positions