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Present in over 107 countries and territories and with over 35,000 members, AIESEC is the world’s largest student run organization. Focused on providing a platform for youth leadership development, AIESEC offers young people the opportunity to be global citizens, to change the world, and to get experience and skills that matter today.
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The AIESEC Alumni network is as diverse as AIESEC itself. More than 800,000 Alumni are spread over 100+ countries, representing 60 generations and working across professions and industries. AIESEC Alumni are playing important roles in their organizations and communities.

NatCo 2011

NatCo is AIESEC in Armenia’s annual national conference with around 70 delegates attending it. The conference is the one run by the Member Committee team. The conference is open for all members with a broad representation of LCPs, EBs, OCPs and members.
The conference will consist of two tracks, members are welcome to participate in members’ track while the elect EB with the current one will be working on national planning.

Conference Objectives:
• Draw an accurate picture of AIESEC in Armenia towards 2015
• Educate members on the organization performance and draw the picture of it
• Assess each functional area and build on opportunities to achieve growth
• Challenge and Empower members and future EBs


The AIESEC Experience

Our differentiator is that we offer a youth impactful experience to our members.
All members go through a formal introduction to the organization to connect them with our AIESEC way. Then, they begin to take on responsibility virtual or physical in some area among the thousands we offer. They then have the option to take on leadership role, internship, or both. The final step is to head to the future – to take the skills, inspiration, and networks from AIESEC to have a positive impact in society.
Youth driven: We are run by youth for youth
Impactful: We enable a strong experience to our stakeholders that change them and/or societies
Experience: Our experience is comprised of a global learning environment, leadership opportunities and international internships

Taking and active role AIESEC has an incredible platform; however, it is ultimately up to the individual to take full advantage of these opportunities.
Increasing capacity AIESEC provides young people with the opportunity to increase theoretical knowledge and practical experience in a wide-range of functional and soft skills.
Building network AIESEC provides young people with the opportunity to create a strong and global network to support them in their personal and professional pursuits.
Developing self awareness and personal vision AIESEC supports young people in clarifying and expanding their ambitions through mentorship, personal vision exercises and an inspiring environment.
Challenging worldview AIESEC “shakes up” the way young people see the world through intense experiences such as conferences, working abroad, and engaging in diverse environments

National Conference 2009

NatCo is AIESEC in Armenia’s annual national conference with around 60 delegates attending it. The conference is the first one run by the new Member Committee 09/10 team delivering great variety of trainings, initiative launches as well as external engagement components. The conference is open for all members with a broad representation of LCPs, EBs, OCPs and members of AIESEC.

The conference will consist of two tracks, thus delegates, who are newly recruited to AIESEC, are welcome to participate in members’ track while the elect EB with the current one will be working on national planning.

This year the conference carries VIP slogan which is Visit, Improve and Plan. The slogan itself already implies to the fact that the main output of the conference is expected to be the creation of national focus areas as well as the year plan for 09/10 member committee executive board to implement.

For more information on the conference, please check NatCo 2009, AIESEC in Armenia conference wiki displayed

Conference Objectives:

Educate members on the organization performance and draw the picture of it
Assess each functional area and build on opportunities to achieve growth
Empower members and future Executive Board positions

AIESEC Armenia Delegation in Malaysia for International Congress

Each year AIESEC International youth organization holds over 470 conferences in its global 110 countries network to education, develop and empower young leader, future change agents all over the world.
International congress is one the biggest events organized each year in AIESEC global network. No wonder that this year AIESEC International Congress carries the slogan “Empowering Leaders across Cultures”. The event gathers within its circles more than 700 young leaders throughout AIESEC 110 countries network as well as AIESEC global partners.
The main objective of the event is to gather all current member committee presidents as well as executive board members, i.e. vice presidents for AIESEC annual global strategic planning which will direct to the fulfillment of AIESEC  goals. The conference is obliged to be visited by all 110 countries network leader as is it considered to be the membership criteria per each country.
Current Member Committee President Zaruhi Harutyunyan and Vice President Finance and Law Armine Ginosyan will be the ambassadors of Armenian culture and history in the International Congress.

Code of Ethics

his Code outlines our common commitment to integrity, excellence, transparency, accountability, and respect for human dignity.

To demonstrate and build on these commitments, we seek to:
Act according to the AIESEC Way;
Identify and define shared principles, policies and practices;
Enhance transparency and accountability, both internally and externally;
Encourage communication with stakeholders;
Improve our performance and effectiveness as an organization.
We recognize that transparency and accountability are essential to good governance, whether by governments, businesses or non-profit organizations.

Wherever we operate, we seek to ensure that the high standards, which we demand of others, are also respected in our own organizations. We agree to apply the code progressively to all our policies, activities and operations.

AIESEC in Armenia adheres to AIESEC Code of Ethics.

National Leadership Development Seminar

National Leadership Development Seminar (NLDS) 2012 is the biggest AIESEC conference in Armenia. If you are a young person, who wants to be a part of life changing experience and develop yourself personally and professionally so you can join this mega event. The best atmosphere to learn and develop yourself and others, to learn from the unique facilitators you have ever seen, to communicate with top organizations and companies, to expand your network and make friends and in the end enjoy your time during the coolest parties at the end of the day.

Become a delegate of this amazing conference and get to know what AIESEC is about!!

The dates of the conference: 30, 31 of March and 01 of April.

Registration DDL is 23 of March!

Fee payment DDL is 26 of March!

Fee for Armenian delegates is 16000 AMD.
Fee for foreign delegates is 50 EUR.
Cancelation fee before 26 of March is none.
Cancelation fee after 26 of March is 100% of the fee!

Leadership Opportunities

he world needs leaders! In AIESEC, we see that the world needs leaders who are entrepreneurial, culturally sensitive, socially responsible and active learners.

One of the best ways to develop what it takes to be a leader is to take up one of 7,700 leadership roles involved in running AIESEC, as well as trainings in soft skills and functional areas in over 470 conferences and thousands of activities each year.

The fact that this global organization, with more than 35,000 people in more than 107 countries is run by a group of university students is impressive. The fact the entire management turns over every year is even more impressive. But, that is what makes AIESEC unique and what gives you the opportunity to step up and take on leadership roles.

Lead a team of individuals to

•    Sell the exchange program to corporate clients
•    Run an exchange project on a relevant social issue
•    Run a recruitment process on campus
•    Put new members through the induction process
•    Organize a learning activity for members and
•    Organize a conference for 20 to 300 people

Be a part of a local leadership team that
•    Organizes 15-100 volunteer members
•    Manages a budget of 1000 to 60,000 euro
•    Services 5-50 companies and NGOs
•    Runs a strategic planning process for the year
•    Participates in national discussions on strategy
•    Trains at local and national events
Be a part of a national or international team that

•    Manages AIESEC at 4 to 50 different universities
•    Develops the agenda and delivers training at conferences with up to 300 people
•    Sells and manages major partnerships with companies and organizations
•    Represents the country at AIESEC conferences
•    Leads the development of a national long-term plan
•    Leads develop of national strategies for different functional areas

Developing leadership skills
Functional Skills
Soft Skills
* Sales and Marketing
* Strategic Planning
* Human Resources
* Budgeting/Accounting
* Project Management
* Communication
* Team management
* Public speaking and presentation
* Cross-cultural and diversity awareness
* Training and facilitation
* Learn and practice new languages


Today, more than 4.000 organizations -from multinational to small and medium scale business, non-profit to government and UN- are partnering with AIESEC to access to the best talent

AIESEC’s unique network offers a lot of unique opportunities for organizations to co-operate with AIESEC and obtain value.

Access to the best talent

Depending on the requirements of a company, AIESEC provides access to international Talent that can be students, recent graduates and young professionals with work experience.

Global Professional Exchange Program: Global Internship program in partnership with AIESEC is the most effective and direct way to access young AIESEC talent.
AIESEC Graduates Program: AIESEC Graduates Program is a complete solution for sourcing high-profile international talent for permanent placements and building desirable employer brand.
Positioning in our AIESEC Alumni Network: After 60 years of activating youth leadership AIESEC connects thousands of its past members around the world. AIESEC Alumni is a broad and diverse group with professionals at different levels of organizations in diverse sectors worldwide.

Employer Branding Opportunities:The AIESEC network has proven to enable organizations to develop a strong brand of employer of choice across over 107 countries within a very short period of time

Interact with AIESEC! :  With over 1,400 active communities, 250,000 documents, and 10,000 forum postings per month, MyAIESEC our global online collaboration and communication platform. AIESEC also delivers over 470 conferences at local, national, regional and global lever annually.

About the Project

IESEC in Armenia 20th Anniversary Event
Already for 20 years AIESEC in Armenia is activating youth leadership in Armenia. 20 years of bringing positive impact into Armenian and global society. AIESEC Armenia is taking over leading roles in government, corporate, business and education sectors.
During our 20 years of existence we have brought the experience of the International Exchange Program to over 1000 students and graduates from Armenia and other countries. AIESEC in Armenia has 70 active members from different universities of Yerevan and regions of Armenia.
For the 20th Anniversary celebrations AIESEC in Armenia is organizing series of events aimed at gathering all AIESEC Alumni both from Armenia and former USSR Union. These events will create firm basis for AIESEC Armenia strong alumni integration into AIESEC activities and projects as well as built a platform for further creation of AIESEC Armenia Alumni Association.
Values of the Even
The alumni event held in September 4-5, carrying the slogan “I am an AIESECer” is aimed at making the AIESEC impact more tangible by means of its direct products, i.e. current, member, alumni, people who are bring the change into the society.
Thus the project will serve as the platform for creating projects based on any of the existing issues in Armenia which will be further on implement as the first project implemented in cooperation with newly established Alumni Association

Goals of the Event

to define common interests and matching points for cooperation between current AIESEC members and alumni
to institutionalize a platform for joint actions
to generate alumni spirit and AIESEC traditions